B-School Info cell
    1. Scope
    2. B-school Notification and Notice Board
    3. B-school Info FCH
    4. B-school Info Directories
    5. B-School Form Sell
  • To provide information on Various MBA entrance Exams and Institutes.
  • To Guide, Advise and Recommend exams and Institutes to students
  • To handle the queries of students on B-school exam and Institutes
  • To make available the forms of exams and institutes to students.
B-school Info Notification and Notice Board:
  • CO-academics should have a dedicated executive who can look for notifications of B-school and exams from newspaper, websites of various B-schools or another authorized source.
  • CO academics should upload this notification on CH-Chopal B-school Info forum for students viewing.
  • CO Academics should ask centers to download these notifications from Chopal forum and to put it on a notice board specially dedicated to B-School Info Cell at center.
  • Centers should ensure the smooth running of this process by putting the notifications on time to the notice board.

        Expectation from CO: CO should ensure that they should not miss any notification to be uploaded
                                            Or sent to the centers.

        Expectation from Centers: Please ensure that center timely download these notification and put on

                                                   the notice board timely


B-School Info FCH:
  • B-school Info FCH (Faculty contact Hour) should be scheduled at the center as FCHs of MA, IRA and VCA.
  • Center should have a dedicated faculty for handling the queries of students in B-school Info FCHs
  • FCH frequency can be adjusted according to the need of the students and time.

        Expectation from the center: Center should ensure proper training of the faculty who sits in these
                                                       FCHs and should updated on regular basis.

B-School Info Directories:
  • CO Academics should create and revise the B-school Info Directories. The content of the directories should be as per the below mentioned guidelines

B-School Info 1: It should cover all the MBA entrance exam of the country and details about them.

B-school Inf0 2: It should cover the details about the Top 100 B-schools of India

B-school Info 3: It should cover post written selection process of Top 60-70 B-schools of India

  • CO Academics should send these directories to all the centers in Hard copies.
  • Center should keep these directories in the library for student reference.

 Note: These directories should be kept only for the reference in library. It should not be issued as take home or the content should not be copied by any ways or reproduced. It’s an intellectual property of CLSPL.