Guidelines for CareerEdge Written Test

Written test Preparation Program for PSU jobs


This program intends to increase a candidate’s chances of clearing the first step towards the PSU jobs like Bank PO, Clerical, LIC and Railways. Program covers all the topics with important concepts, techniques & short-cuts to crack various written exams


Product Name: CareerEdge Apti




Induction IBW

Version 11.1

A module designed to distribute material for “CareerEdge written test” module

CareerEdge Written Test

Version 11.1

          Duration: 10 Weeks

          Number of Conceptual Sessions: 80

          Time per conceptual Session: 90 Minutes

          Schedule: 5 days

          Entry: Every week

          Mock Tests: Entire year (Including Bank Specific Test)

          GA dynamic sessions : Entire year


Program Deliverables:


          'Concept Building Sessions' of:

          Quantitative Aptitude

          Logical Reasoning

          Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

          English Usage & Grammatical Correction

          Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

          Descriptive writing

          GA static  sessions

          Speed Building Techniques and Short-cuts

          Exposure to various patterns of Questions

          Mock Tests on the pattern of Bank PO, Clerical, LIC and Railways.

          GA HANDOUTS comprising current happenings to be distributed weekly


Program USPs:


          Un-paralleled Conceptual Sessions: Power-packed conceptual sessions are designed with questions asked in various written tests in the previous years. 

          Speed Building Techniques & Shortcuts: All the sessions are intended to equip the students with shortcuts to enable them to solve the questions efficiently.

          Most Updated Courseware: Uniqueness of CareerEdge lies in the fact that the program is most contemporary and up-to-date having latest questions and test patterns and are bank specific.


Academic Structure of CareerEdge Written Test



Number of Sessions


Induction session

1 Session on understanding various exams (LIC, Railways)

QA Sessions

24 ( 3 session and one tutorial in each of the 6 weeks)

DI & LR Sessions

16 ( 3 session and one tutorial in each of the 4 weeks)

VA Sessions

15 ( 1  and 2 sessions in every alternate week  of the 10 weeks ) including 1 session for Descriptive writing

GA Sessions

16  sessions .comprising

10 Sessions on General Awareness,(static)

2 Sessions on Marketing Aptitude,( on  demand )

2 Sessions on Computer Knowledge,

2 sessions on fundamentals of finance economy

Weekly session on current affairs

TST( test series)

10 MOCK TESTS Yearly test series

TTT  once in a month

Test analysis  once in a month



An Open Motivational Session  in alternate months





Note: All the sessions are of 90 minutes duration

Material: Following table shows the details about the material designed and its usage in CareerEdge Written Test module. The material will be delivered in the induction module i.e. “Induction IBW”



Book Title


CareerEdge Quantitative Aptitude Concepts


CareerEdge DI & LR  Concepts


CareerEdge VA Concepts


mMBA-11-VA-Wordlist 1                                                                      


mMBA-11-VA-Word Miscellany 1                                                        


CareerEdge Marketing Knowledge


CareerEdge Computer Knowledge


CareerEdge Descriptive Test


CareerEdge General Awareness Guide




}  The Induction of the week will be on the same day as the Test of the week.

}  The GA  (current ) will be held on the same day as the Week Test .

}  One OCS : Open Counseling Session ( once in a month)

}  One year validity I Card

}  Two batch codes given to the student

}  One valid for 10 week module

}  The other for the  GA + Test module

}  After completion of 10 weeks  the student will be allowed only for the GA + Test module 

}  FCH  facility to be provided

}  Those appearing for the Clerical will be allowed to attend the Advance sessions of PO  (if they want to )

}  TTT  +Test Analysis of (QA/DILR and VA+GA) once a month













1.      Calculation is now every week at first day so it providing them a week for practices also
Induction on calculation tricks (marketing angle customer satisfaction index)

2.      Material will contain Theory + formulas & example (Material USPs)

3.      Training Qs. -Superfast calculation tricks & Important  Fundas -1

4.      Home assignment ( 10 OUT OF 10 )

5.      Training Qs. -Superfast calculation tricks & Important  Fundas -2

6.      Advanced Approaches  Super-30

7.      Practice clerical level  & PO FTL T- 20 - Session-3

8.      Practice exercise PO level (focused advance and tougher level) (Topic specific real exam test)- Advanced Approaches  Super-30


9.      Every session consists of questions on topics asked in various  Bank Exams’

10.   (Special Sessions New USPs) Paper handling Session (TTT) & Various Bank with its  Pattern

11.  Academically  Strong faculty team

12.  CHEM is a strong Quality Brand

13.  f-CH  and

14.  Exam Specific information sessions

15.  Motivational and Personal counseling session (Special Sessions New USPs)

16.  Every week positioning of Special sessions ( for good marketing )

17.  Strong  Planning and management(Schedule)

18.  Test and Analysis (once in a month  QADILR and  VA)

19.  Market info sessions on a particulate week special session.


























Total Qs.
















































Net Score