Guidelines for CampEdge Apti

Aptitude Preparation Program


This program intends to increase a candidate’s chances of clearing the first step towards the dream company. Program covers all the topics with important concepts, techniques & short-cuts to crack aptitude test conducted by companies.


Product Name: CampEdge Apti




Induction ICA

Version 10.1

A module designed to distribute the material and to orient the students towards the program.



Version 11.1

          Duration: 6 Weeks

          Number of Conceptual Sessions: 36

          Time per conceptual Session: 90 Minutes

          Schedule: all 7 days

          Entry: First day of every week i.e. x1 (Where x is A,B,C,E,F):  

                      Note: Students should not get entry in the week D1 to D7.

          Comprehensive Tests: 6 (Every Sunday)


Program Deliverables:


          'Concept Building Sessions' of Campus-Test Specific:

-     Quantitative Aptitude

-     Logical Reasoning (including puzzles)

-     Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

-     English Usage & Grammatical Correction

-     Critical Reasoning

-     Reading Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning

-     Vocabulary Building

          Speed Building Techniques and Short-cuts

          Exposure to various patterns of Questions

          Topic-wise Class Tests and Assignments

          Company Specific Test Series

          Practice Booklets of all the Topics


Program USPs:


          Un-paralleled Conceptual Sessions: Power-packed conceptual sessions are designed with questions asked in various campus tests in the previous years. 

          Speed Building Techniques & Shortcuts: All the sessions are intended to equip the participating trainees with shortcuts to enable them to solve the questions efficiently.

          Most Updated Courseware: Uniqueness of CampEdge lies in the fact that the program is most contemporary and up-to-date having latest questions and test patterns.

          Information about companies’ test papers and patterns of questions: Our experts guide the trainees about the test pattern of the companies they are appearing in with most up-to-date information.

          Unmatched Track Record: More than 11,000 selections speak a lot about the effectiveness and applicability of the program.







Academic Structure of CampEdge Apti



Number of Sessions

QA Sessions

16 ( 3 sessions per week in 4 weeks and one session in F week with 2 sessions of DI & LR)

DI & LR Sessions

8 (3 sessions per week in 2 weeks and two remaining sessions clubbed with 1 QA session in F week)

VA Sessions

12 (3 sessions per week for 4 weeks)



Note: All the sessions are of 90 minutes duration


Material: Following table shows the details about the material designed in CampEdge Apti. The material will be distributed in the Induction Module i.e. “Induction ICA



Book Title


Quantitative Aptitude Reference Book 1


Quantitative Aptitude Reference Book 2


Quantitative Aptitude Concepts Book (CampEdge)


DI & LR Reference Book 1


DI & LR Reference Book 2


DI & LR Concepts Book (CampEdge)


Verbal Ability Reference Book 1


Verbal Ability Reference Book 2


Verbal Ability Concepts Book (CampEdge)


Wordlist 1 and flash cards Set 1


Word Miscellany 1