Guidelines for CampEdge GD-PI

GD-PI Preparation Program


Program is directed towards preparing the trainee holistically for the GD-PI process of On-Campus/Open-Campus/Off-Campus job-opportunities. Program covers all concepts & practice-sessions that a trainee requires to succeed in the process.


Product Name: CampEdge GD-PI



Induction ICG (11.1)

A module designed to distribute material of CampEdge GD-PI. A new student will be admitted to a batch in this module only


•        ICG Duration: 3 Hours.

(Should ideally be covered on Saturday)

GD and PI (11.1)

•        Duration: 5 Weeks

•        Number of Conceptual Sessions: 25 (15 conceptual and 10 GD Sessions)

•        Time per theory-session: 90 Minutes

•        Schedule: 5 days a week

•        Mock Interviews: 3 (2 to be scheduled in the week just-after the completion of a student’s course. And one to be offered through an interview-ticket, which the student can avail by getting it scheduled later, at the time of his/her campus). Only one interviewer is recommended in the interview-panel, although center can plan more than one if desired. The interviewer should ask HR as well as a few Technical questions, but evaluation has to be done only on HR aspects.



Program Deliverables:


•                      In-depth understanding of HR Interviews

•                      GD Concepts & Exhaustive-practice

•                      Interview Specific 'Answering-Techniques'

•                      Detailed Interview 'Question-Coverage'

•                      Customized CV-Preparation

•                      Psychometric Tests

•                      Grooming Etiquettes & Body-language

•                      Exposure to latest types & patterns of Interviews

•                      Organizational Profiling

•                      Practice Interviews (with Individual Feedback)


Program USPs:


•          Workshop Based Sessions: Power-packed PPT-based discussion-stimulating workshops covering all the nuances of GD-PI 

•          Un-paralleled Question Coverage: All the frequently asked HR interview questions are discussed and trainees are enabled to make their own answers.

•          Most Updated Courseware: Program is contemporary and up-to-date, including latest question-types and interview patterns.

•          OPs Mailing Facility: Every trainee has the chance to get Organizational Profiles of the companies he /she would be appearing in. These organizational profiles are updated regularly and thus improve the chances of getting selected.

•          Unmatched Track Record: More than 10,000 selections speak for themselves of the effectiveness and applicability of the program.





CV Format

It is a suggestive format given to help student prepare his/her own CV

Psychometric Test

It is a sample psychometric test given to students for getting acquainted

IT Glossary / Management Glossary

It is a uniquely designed booklet; to be used as a tool to revise all the basics in a short duration.