Guidelines for CampEdge GD-PI

GD-PI Preparation Program


Program is directed towards preparing the trainee holistically for the GD-PI process of On-Campus/Open-Campus/Off-Campus job-opportunities. Program covers all concepts & practice-sessions that a trainee requires to succeed in the process.


Product Name: CampEdge GD-PI



Induction ICG

A module designed to distribute material of CampEdge GD-PI. A new student will be admitted to a batch in this module only


•         ICG Duration: 3 Hours.

(Should ideally be covered on Saturday & Sunday with 1.5-Hour session on each day. Yet, can be planned as a single 3-hour session on one day.)





GD and PI


•         Duration: 5 Weeks

•         Number of Conceptual Sessions: 30

•         Time per theory-session: 60 Minutes

•         Schedule: 5 days a week

•         GK Session: 2

(On alternate Sundays (1 of them, a Marquee session which covers Current-Affairs topics and 1 on IT-related GK)


•         GD – 15 GD sessions

•         Time per GD: 30 Minutes

(If the students are more in number, then the batch can be divided into two groups. One can be called MWF and other can be called TTS). GDs can also be kept Pre-session and Post-Session. So in a way, in a 2-hour slot, one trainer should be able to manage a batch of 60 students, with pre-GD + Session + post-GD format.


•         Mock Interviews: 3 (2 to be scheduled in the week just-after the completion of a student’s course. And one to be offered through an interview-ticket, which the student can avail by getting it scheduled later, at the time of his/her campus). Only one interviewer is recommended in the interview-panel, although center can plan more than one if desired. The interviewer should ask HR as well as a few Technical questions, but evaluation has to be done only on HR aspects.

















Program Deliverables: 

•                      In-depth understanding of HR Interviews

•                      GD Concepts & Exhaustive-practice

•                      Interview Specific 'Answering-Techniques'

•                      Detailed Interview 'Question-Coverage'

•                      Customized CV-Preparation

•                      Relevant GK Sessions

•                      Psychometric Tests

•                      Grooming Etiquettes & Body-language

•                      Exposure to latest types & patterns of Interviews

•                      Organizational Profiling

•                      Practice Interviews (with Individual Feedback)


Program USPs:


•          Workshop Based Sessions: Power-packed PPT-based discussion-stimulating workshops covering all the nuances of GD-PI 

•          Un-paralleled Question Coverage: All the frequently asked HR interview questions are discussed and trainees are enabled to make their own answers.

•          Most Updated Courseware: Program is contemporary and up-to-date, including latest question-types and interview patterns.

•          OPs Mailing Facility: Every trainee has the chance to get Organizational Profiles of the companies he /she would be appearing in. These organizational profiles are updated regularly and thus improve the chances of getting selected.

•          Unmatched Track Record: More than 10,000 selections speak for themselves of the effectiveness and applicability of the program.






CV Format

It is a suggestive format given to help student prepare his/her own CV

Psychometric Test

It is a sample psychometric test given to students for getting acquainted

IT Glossary / Management Glossary

It is a uniquely designed booklet; to be used as a tool to revise all the basics in a short duration.