Guidelines for CareerEdge PI

PI Preparation Program for CareerEdge


Program is directed towards preparing the trainee holistically for the PI process of various PSU exams. Program covers all concepts & practice-sessions that a trainee requires to succeed in the process.


Product Name: CareerEdge PI



Induction IBP

A module designed to distribute material of CareerEdge PI. A new student will be admitted to a batch in this module only

CareerEdge PI

         Duration: 2 Weeks

         Number of Conceptual Sessions: 12

         Time per Session: 90 Minutes

         Schedule: 6 days a week;

         Entry Day: Monday

         Mock Interviews: 3*











*Mock Interviews should be planned on students demand as extra sessions. At least one of the panelist should have idea of the question asked in the relevant exams. Refer TechMan for the details.


Program Deliverables:


                      In-depth understanding of HR Interviews

                      Interview Specific 'Answering-Techniques'

                      Detailed Interview 'Question-Coverage'

                      Customized CV-Preparation

                      Relevant GK Sessions

                      Grooming Etiquettes & Body-language

                      Exposure to latest types & patterns of Interviews

                      Practice Interviews (with Individual Feedback)


Program USPs:


          Workshop Based Sessions: Power-packed PPT-based discussion-stimulating workshops covering all the nuances of PI

          Un-paralleled Question Coverage: All the frequently asked HR interview questions are discussed and trainees are enabled to make their own answers.

          Most Updated Courseware: Program is contemporary and up-to-date, including latest question-types and interview patterns.

          Unmatched Track Record: Hundreds of selections speak for themselves of the effectiveness and applicability of the program.





CV Format

It is a suggestive format given to help student prepare his/her own CV