Result Collation and Communications

This task of result collation is very important due to various reasons like

  • These results play very important role in future marketing plans
  • Collations of results of written exams give us idea to plan the GD/PI process and planning of CGA and CGB batches.

Result Collation is done at three levels:

  • Collation of scores of various exams
  • Collation of GD/PI Calls
  • Collation of Final Conversions

Result collation process consists of following steps.

  1. Collection of data
  2. Data entry in specific format
  3. Creation of various reports as per the need

  1. Collection of data: Collection of data could be done in two way, either students himself/herself come and register his result or we call him/her for his/her result. In both the ways the important thing is the format in which the information is collected.
  2. Data Entry: For generation various kind of reports, it is necessary to enter data in a good shape. For that purpose “NERVE gives us following facilities:
  3. Creation of reports: following reports are available in NERVE: