Communication to Students and faculty

Communication is a very important aspect of working for operations. As per the definition operation mostly deals with students and faculty. Following are some communications which are frequently used.

S. No.








Personal Counseling Session (PCS)

The batches where PCS is planned, this communication should go at least 7 days before.

Circular and Notice Board

Appendix I




When an interview of students is planned, they should be informed about the schedule.

Circular and phone call

Appendix II




This notice goes to batches in the intro session to motivate students towards punctuality.


Appendix III



Notice Board

This notice goes to batches in the intro session to inform students about various Notice Boards.


Appendix IV



Change in schedule

This notice goes to batches when any change in schedule is to be announced.

Circular and Notice Board

Appendix V



Extra Session

This notice goes to batches when any extra session planned is to be announced.

Circular and Notice Board

Appendix VI



Time Change

This notice goes to batches when any change in batch timings is to be announced.

Circular and Notice Board

Appendix VII



Mock Tests

This notice goes to batches when any test is planned for them.

Circular and Notice Board

Appendix VIII



Open Session

This notice goes to batches when Open Sessions are planned and to be announced.

Circular and Notice Board

Appendix IX




Faculty should get his session schedule for a certain period. It could be weekly or monthly.

Direct to Faculty




Change in Schedule

Due to some reasons if any change in schedule is to be done, this should be communicated to all affected faculties.

Direct to Faculty



Teaching offs

Before planning new sessions operations should ask for planned leaves of faculty.

Direct to Faculty

Depends on center

  • For better communication operation should try to ensure more iterations (at least two) of announcement
  • In fact try to use more mediums like Notice Boards, Phone Calls, SMS and CH-o-pal Notices.
  • The format given in “Appendix” are sample formats. Centers should change the language accordingly.
Appendix I

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>

Sub: Personal Counseling Session (PCS)

Please note that, we have scheduled the PCS (Personal Counseling Sessions) which are aimed at providing you an opportunity to informally interact and discuss with your faculty your current preparation level and directions for the future preparation. This PCS are schedule in your regular batch time, as a result only those students who’s PCS is schedule are require to come on that particular day.
Please make sure that you report on time at Operations Desk.

1. These sessions once missed will not be re-scheduled.
2. The specific inputs given in these sessions will not be given again.                                                          
3.  Please do not ask for change of time.
4.  Entry after the reporting time will not be entertained.

Detail Schedule has been put on the Notice Board. So kindly check your date and time on that.

Those students whose names have not appeared in this list should contact at student help desk.
Appendix II

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>
Sub: Interview 

Please note that your first round of Interview is scheduled.

The aim of this session is to offer you an actual simulation of Interview.

Because this is an actual simulation, any candidate reporting later than the reporting time cannot be entertained, please carry your folder & extra copy of your CV and Come dressed in formals

Please contact at (SHD) Student Help Desk for Registration.

Date: 9th & 10th May 2008

Timing of interviews: 05:00 PM – 09:00 PM.
Appendix III:

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>

Sub: Punctuality

Please pay attention!!!

From now onwards we are going to follow a rule. We are not going to allow the students who are late in the session.
Please try to understand the spirit of this rule.
When you enter late in the class, the complete batch and also the Faculty get disturbed. And if this situation will keep on repeating the effectiveness of the session is not at par.
So get yourself ready to be on time or rather before time.
We are not going to allow any student who comes late in the class. The maximum permissible delay can be 10 minutes. This can even be shorter depending on the discretion of your Faculty.
So be on time from now onwards.

Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”
Appendix IV:

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>

Sub: Notice Board

Kindly note that we have divided Notice Boards into 4 Categories depending on the types of communications:

  1. Batch Specific Communications: This will be displayed on the Notice Board downstairs. You can find a tag of your Batch code on the Notice Board and all the communications related to your batch will be displayed below that tag.
  2. General Communications: Communication which is not specific to your batch and common to all batches are displayed on “General Information” Notice Board.
    There are two Notice Boards: one is below the stairs and other is at upstairs.
  3. Seating Arrangement: There is a Notice Board downstairs, which carries   information regarding the seating arrangement on the daily basis.
Expectations from Students: Keep checking these Notice Boards for updating yourself about all the changes which are made in your schedule and for all other information.
Appendix V

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>
Sub: Change in schedule

Kindly note the following change:



Original Schedule

New Schedule









As a result your batch timing will be 08-09 PM.

Note: if any change results into change in Milestone, then new milestone should also be mentioned in the Communication.
Appendix VI

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>
Sub: Extra Session

 Kindly note an extra session of VCA is scheduled on 22nd Apr, Tuesday from 06-07 PM. As a result your batch timing on that day will be 06-09 PM. Kindly bring and solve RC-Con-VI & VII for the same. Also inform your entire batch mates about the same who are absent today.

Appendix VII

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>
Sub: Time change

Kindly note that your batch timing on 3rd May, Saturday will be 09-10 only because IRA-23 is already scheduled today and it is repeating on 3rd May.

Appendix VIII

Batch: <<Batch Codes>>
Sub: Mock SET

Kindly note that your one mock test for CET is scheduled on 15th May, Kindly note the schedule carefully.


Mock CET


15-May, Thursday

Reporting Time

07:45 AM




  1. You have to report on or before the reporting time. No entry after reporting time.
  2. CH I-card will be compulsory to get entry.
Duration of test will be approximately 3 hours.
Appendix IX

Batch: <<Batch Codes>> FCS-415, FCS-416, FCS-433, FCS-435
Sub: Open Session

We are glad to inform you that we are going to start Open Session, covering some major concepts. These sessions are going to be scheduled for three areas viz. MA, IRA & VCA.

What is Open Session?
Open Session is just a re–discussion on concepts. These are a two hour sessions, in which the faculty tries to give you a macro view of the concept which is being discussed. Well, not all concepts would be taken up in the open sessions. Only the ones which are considered to be important enough to get a second discussion will appear.

Start Date: 21st May
Time: 11-01 PM

You should attend these Open Sessions, if

  • You have missed discussions on some concepts in your regular batch
  • You are going to migrate to testing level and need to revise all concepts.
  • You have a feeling that in the regular session you were not able to grasp the concept well.
  • Points to be noted:

    • Detailed schedule is available at Operations Desk for individual from 17th May
    • It is only for the batches mentioned above, for others it will be scheduled later.
    • The material mentioned in the schedule has to be compulsorily solved before coming to the session. Coming to a session without solving the material might disqualify you to attend the session.
    • Kindly inform all your batch mates regarding Open session and do not miss, as it will not be scheduled again for your batches.