Elevator CAT-13 Product Guidelines

Module: Elevator

Version: 13.1 (Sharp students)

         Faculty for Induction Session for this batch should be BSB.

         Elevator batch for sharp students is planned for all CAT-13 students registered before 30th September 2012 who are shortlisted as a sharp student, criteria being 80/80/75 in X/Xii/Grad. respectively.

         The duration of the batch is for 7 weeks.

         Each week would have 3 sessions, so a total of 21 sessions are planned.

         The session structure is available on Nerve as 13.1 under Elevator module.

         Attendance is a strict criterion to be followed. For any two consecutive absent, a student would be shifted to the regular elevator batch. Responsibility of tracking is with BSB.

         Faculty set for conducting for the sessions are: ABS: QA, SDT-DI/LR, and AKS-VA.

         The corresponding faculty should make available the material at least 7 days before the session is planned. Distribution of material should be done by the respective faculty in the classroom itself and its responsibility lies with them only. No student would receive the material if he/she misses the session.

         It is suggested to start the elevator batches by 2nd week of January and finish before 1st week of March.

         After conduction of Elevator batches, all students would enter in Accelerate Module.

         It is suggested to conduct this batch at RNT centre from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm or 7.30 to 9:00 pm

         Any other feedback from faculty members regarding students should be communicated to BSB.

         Responsibility of PCS conduction is with BSB.