Guidelines for LanguEdge (10.3)

English Improvement Program


A highly cherished program targeted at students, housewives and professionals to enable them to speak correct English. This Program starts from a very rudimentary level and takes the participants to a level where they can express themselves in simple yet pertinent words. More than 20,000 trainees, across Central India, have experienced and improved their English through this Program.


Product Name: LanguEdge




Version 10.1

          Duration: 5 Weeks

          Number of Conceptual Sessions: 30

          Time per conceptual Session: 90 Minutes

          Schedule: All six days


Program Deliverables:


          Usable Grammar of Spoken English

          Basic Vocabulary

          Correction of Common Errors


          Commonly-used Idioms & Phrases

          Speaking Exercises


Program USPs:


          Sentence Drilling

          Grammatical Concepts attached with Spoken Exercises so that applicability can be maximized

          Self-Book containing exercises so that covered concepts can be revised at home by the trainee

          Every concept will be mastered in the class by the way of Practice-Book

          Proper Analysis of the Trainee by the way of Pre and Post Training Analysis

          Focus on Usable Grammar

          Sessions like Story, Songs to make the whole training interesting


Material: Following table shows the details about the material designed and its usage in LanguEdge




Talk of the Town (CD)

CD Containing conversations and stories

LanguEdge Lexicon

Collection of words and Hindi to English meanings

LanguEdge Concepts

Class room material

LanguEdge Reference Book

Material to be referred and practice at home.

Small Bag

To be ordered separately