Guidelines for PersonEdge 6 / 12 (10.3)

Communication and Personality Enhancement Program


A highly recommended program targeted at students & professionals for enhancing their Communication skills & Personality. The program follows a Rolling-Batch system where new entries are given every week. More than 20,000 trainees, across Central India, have experienced and improved their communication-skills & personality through this Program.


Product Name: PersonEdge 6

                           PersonEdge 12




Induction IPE


A module designed to distribute material of PersonEdge. A new student will be admitted to a batch in this module only. The aim of the session is to orient the student towards the program.


A module covering

          Duration: 12 Weeks (also available as a 6 week module)

          Number of Conceptual Sessions: 72

          Time per conceptual Session: 90 minutes

          Sunday Workshops: 1 (to be attended by a trainee only once, on his/her first Sunday)

          Duration of Sunday Workshop: 90 minutes

          Schedule: Six days

          Entry Day: to be decided by the centre


The structure is a 12 week rolling structure. A student can join the batch in any week from the starting day for 6 or 12 weeks.


Program Deliverables:


          Fluency Development

          Public Speaking

          Analytical Skills

          Impressive Conversational-Vocabulary

          Presentation Skills


          Body Language

          Hesitation Removal


Program USPs:


          Soft-skills Talks: Highly effective, exhaustive and informative talks helping trainees to develop an understanding of the soft-skills. The workshop-titles are: Table Etiquettes, Dressing and Grooming Etiquettes, Group & Telephone Etiquettes, Memory Improvement, Time Management, Developed Personality, Professionalism, Discipline, Leadership, Emotion Management, Relationship management and Team Building.


          Copyrighted Caselet-Vocabulary Methodology: Unique Caselet-vocabulary methodology to make trainees understand & use vocabulary through an active way of learning thereby enhancing their conversational impressiveness & analytical skills. It gives the trainees the déjà-vu to the real-life situations which they may come across in their lives and also create a discussion-platform to make them think on the possible ways to encounter them.




          Unique Public-Speaking Methods: When a person has to give a speech, most of the times he gets confused about what to speak. This normally happens because although the person has thoughts but they are not structured and that’s why when somehow a person gets a format to speak through then the words fall in the right place. So these methods are those formats, a person can give speech on a topic. Presentation Methods include: Problem-Solution, Myth-Reality, Facts – Rationale, Goal – Ways, Comparative and Cause – Effect. Public Speaking Methods includes: Welcome Speech, Announcement Speech, Introduction Speech, Thank you Speech, Topic Speech (6D), and Motivational Speech.


          Stimulating Spoken-Exercises: Various creative, diversified and stimulating spoken exercises are conducted which focus on overall development of not just communication skills but also of personality. Nature of the exercises vary as ‘stage, class and simultaneous’. Exercises are so designed that they nurture every aspect of a developed personality.


          Presentation Competitions: A presentation competition is conducted so that trainees can hone their presentation skills in a healthy & competitive environment and learn this essential characteristic of a developed personality. Every week top three performers from every batch are awarded with certificates. {The certificates shall be given to faculty (also added in Material for faculty in structure} on the day of competition by Training Dept, the certificates are available in stores) The certificates should be submitted by the faculty on Student Help Desk and a faculty should communicate to students that the first three awardees should collect it from there. Also, Proper personal feedbacks are given to every participant. A Presentation Competition sheet should be provided by Training department to faculty on the day of the session (added in structure under the column ‘Material for faculty’, soft copy of Presentation Competition sheet shall be available with Training Dept Head)) which should be duly filled and return to Training Department. Training department should then digitized the complete data and put the final result on notice board.


          Presentation – The Core Concepts Workshop: Every trainee undergoes ‘Presentation – The Core-Concepts Workshop’ on the first Sunday. This is a wonderful, all-encompassing workshop taking care of all the nuances of presentations. This workshop equips the trainee with all the required skill-sets to give an impressive presentation. Trainees utilize the learning in Presentation Competition.


          Rolling-Batch Concept: If program starts as a batch, all the trainees will start at the same level and hence less scope for mutual-learning. Rolling batch doesn’t let a trainee be complacent. Bar keeps getting raised with new joinees. It is more about letting the trainees explore themselves rather than a copybook learning.


Material: Following table shows the details about the material designed and its usage in PersonEdge




PersonEdge CD (Thoughts, Talks & Speeches)

A uniquely-designed CD; containing speeches of great personalities and thoughts on the topics that we frequently come across.

PersonEdge Reference Book

A special creatively-designed booklet facilitating the attitudinal development of students

PersonEdge Concepts

A booklet containing the ‘caselets to be discussed’ & ‘vocabulary to be used’  

Bag (small)

To be ordered separately