Students feedback Collection

Feedback is a process where we try to understand that, what our customers really think about our product and services. At CH we collect feed backs of students at various levels of product.
Process: for the purpose of feedback we use specially designed feedback form. Our feedback forms are designed with two objectives:

  1. Feedback on performance of CO which includes
    1. Design of product (Course Content)
    2. Material (Quality and quantity)
    3. Delivery tools
  2. Feedback on performance of center
    1. Faculty performance (Subject knowledge and delivery)
    2. Operational issues (Student handling)
Other facilities (FCH, PCS, Library)
When to take feedback?

In our all the products various point are planned for collecting feedback. These are generally one of the last 4 to 5 sessions of the modules. We generally collect feedback at the end of every module.
Action on feedback: These feedbacks are read and analysed by the academic department of CH and relevant feedbacks are incorporated in product design. Academics will also forward report to various centers based on there performance and area to improve upon.
How to collect feedbacks: some specific feed back forms are designed and incorporate in the structures for various modules. These feedbacks are attached to some sessions i.e. in THRUST; feedbacks are collected in “Accelerate Intro” session and so on. Though instructions to fill the feedback form are given on the form itself but faculties are suggested to explain the form and its importance. Students should be motivated to fill the feedback forms.

Finally these feedback forms should be sent to Academics department at CO in sealed envelopes.