Courseware and other material ordering

The purpose of this chapter is to provide basic information and understanding of courseware Order process through Nerve.  Major points covered in this section are

2.1 Courseware Ordering
2.2 Courseware Distribution

2.3.1 To Students
2.3.2 To Faculty

2.1 Material Ordering from Corporate Office

1. ORC Updation


2. Ordering

Center Manager

3. Acceptance


4. Accounts Verification

CO Acc

5. Issue Note (MIN)


6. Delivery Note (MDN)


7. Delivery Acceptance

Center Manager

Order Reference Chart

All Orders from a center to the Corporate Office of CH has to be entered through the route of an Order Reference Chart (ORC). An ORC is a list of available material and services from the Corporate Office to all Centers. The list is supported by details of the material (as much as possible) and even an image of the material in most cases.

How to Order a material/service from the CO?

Follow the following steps

  1. Log in to NERVE and click on the “work” menu. In the work menu – look for “Head Office/Corporate Office ” sub menu. Choose “Order”.

  2. You will reach the Order Reference Chart detailing all available products and services from the Corporate Office along with their details and cost to centers

  3. Search for the product/service you are looking for. Thoroughly study the details and ensure that you have chosen the right material for ordering. You can also view an image by clicking on the image link (if available). This image will open in a separate window.
  4. If you have reached the right product/service – click on the checkbox at the start of the row to select the material for ordering. You can select more than one material/service for ordering at one go – by clicking on relevant checkboxes of material you want to purchase.
  5. Once you are sure you have selected the required material/service – click “order” button to prepare the order or click “cancel” to go back.
  6. When you click the ‘Order’ Button the create order window appears where you have to mention the order quantity.

  7. After entering the order quantity you have to save the window by clicking on the small floppy ikon present at the bottom of the window.
  8. The software will calculate the amount to be paid and it would be displayed in front of Amount Field.
  9. Now you have to enter the paid amount (the amount you are paying for that order), the Payment mode (Cheque, DD, Cash or fund Transfer), Payment Reference no. and date, Payment Reference Detail,  name and branch of the bank through which the payment is made.
  10. After completing all the entries save the entire window by clicking on the big floppy ikon present at the bottom of the window. A message will appear for successful saving of record. It will also show the order number.
  11.  If there is some error then an error message will appear. Try to remove that error and any support from CO is required then call the system department to have some support from CO.
  12. The concern department at corporate office will forward your order for account verification. Once the account got verified the department will generate the issue not and send the issue note to stores.
  13. The store incharge at the corporate office will process the issue note by packing the material mentioned in the issue note and will generate the delivery note. If there is some material which is not available in stores at that time then that material will be processed after the availability of the material in stores. That material will be show as pending material against that issue note.
  14. Store incharge will send the delivery note along with the material to the Centre.
  15. After receiving the material from CO, Now, it is the duty of the centre to check whether the material send by Corporate Office is as per their requirement specified in the material order raised by Center & delivery notes send by CO.
  16. After Verification of material the Centre has to inform the concerned department at CO through mail mentioning the Order no, issue note no and delivery note no. The centre should also provide the feedbacks on material received. This feedback should be given on Time of delivery, quantity & quality of material received by center
  17. After receiving mail, CO checks the acknowledgement on feedback. If the feedback is okay, it is filled by CO but if any feedback is given HO acts on it depending on the feedback received.

Courseware Distribution:

Directly delivered to the students
  • The operations executive must see the session schedule & keep ready the student courseware at the courseware distribution desk
  • An executive must be available on distribution desk 15 minutes before the session.
  • Preferably courseware distribution desk must contain batch code for student’s reference (if more than 1 batch is operating on same time slot)
  • The executive must see the student I-card, get student signature of courseware register & distribute the courseware 

Delivered to the students by faculty

  • The operation executive must see the session schedule & keep ready the student courseware at the  courseware distribution desk
  • This courseware should be delivered to the respective faculty.
  • After the session faculty should deliver rest of the courseware to operation desk

NOTE: Both operation executive and faculty should receive the material after proper counting

To Faculty

Centre will receive one complementary copy of each material from Corporate Office.

IF the need is more, centre can order more material as per the standard Material Ordering Process.